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Webinar Series: How to streamline the process of writing a scientific paper


The Webinar Series includes 8 lectures. Participants learn how to apply the Publicase Method, an objective and straightforward method we have developed that will help them craft their scientific papers quickly and efficiently. This method can be applied to grant writing and other documents such as proposals and theses. 

The focus of the Webinar Series IS NOT on improving language or writing skills per se but rather on how to overcome procrastination and apply the concept of microproductivity for a faster and efficient production of scientific papers. We deconstruct the entire scientific paper into bite-sized microtasks and turn the huge task of writing a paper into an easier and pleasant experience. By completing each microtask, students feel confident, increasingly motivated and eager to accomplish the goal of having their papers ready for publication in a peer-reviewed journals.

Watch THIS SHORT VIDEO to be introduced to the Publicase Method.


About the Classes

The webinar series includes 8 classes done virtually and participants have the chance to interact with the instructor and have their questions answered. Participants should expect to spend around 10 hours total in class, offered once or twice a week (other arrangements are possible). 

The Webinar Series is recommended for graduate students, postdocs and any scientist working in the biological, biomedical and health-related fields who needs to produce and publish scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. We DO NOT recommend it for people working in other areas.

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