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What People Say About Us

I really (really!!!) enjoyed your course which was very useful to me and innovative. I think we're going to have a wonderful 40-hour training session with our graduate students.

Alane Beatriz Vermelho
Institute of Microbiology - UFRJ

This course is a one-of-a-kind diamond and a must for all researchers in Brazil!

Marta Imamura
USP - School of Medicine

Hi Marcia! How are you? Just writing to let you know that all the teachings learned in your workshop, and subsequent advice, have paid off!!! ... So, my many thanks for all your help and teachings!

Miguel Rodrigues Martins
Porto University, Portugal

Dear Dr. Marcia Triunfol, we are very pleased with the knowledge we acquired, and we are optimistic about the future impact on the quality and quantity of our publications. In addition, we thank you for your friendliness, expertise, and good humor, which made the 2-day workshop a very delightful experience.

Gonçalo Apolinário de Souza Filho

Dear Cynthia, I am very pleased to inform you that my article written during the workshop held at FEF/UNICAMP last year has just been accepted for publication in one of the main journals in our field, the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Impact Factor = 4.2). Without any doubt, your contributions were crucial to the success of this work. I thank you especially for the attention and care with your contributions. Here are my sincere words of a THANK YOU to you and to the whole PUBLICASE team.

Eduardo Bodnariuc Fontes

Really, your service is impeccable, well proofread, great translation, and completed on time.

Marcelo Melo
Translation and Editing services

I applaud everyone involved in Publicase's work. It was a really great presentation

Afonsa Janaína da Silva
Ed. Física - UNICAMP

Hi Cynthia. I want to thank you immensely for the beautiful workshop you provided us. Seeing the dedication with which you worked during the week gives me hope for better science.

Sergio Augusto Cunha
School of Physical Education - UNICAMP

Dear Marcia, Embrapa Amazônia Oriental loved the Workshop and Andrea's teaching. We will schedule the 40-hour Wokshop for next year.

Liza Castelo Branco Barros
Embrapa, Belém/PA

Marcia, I want to give you feedback about the last translation work done by Publicase. The paper was published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics - JARG, the editor approved the work quickly, the English was impeccable, and we are very satisfied with Publicase. I have recommended you to all the faculty given our recent experience with you!

Alessandra Vireque
The GO Laboratory of HCFMRP/USP

Dear Andrea, Once again we would like to thank you for the excellent course given to our students. Their evaluation was unanimously positive, so we intend to incorporate the activity into our methodology course.

José Vassallo
Postgrad at AC CAMARGO

Cynthia, the moment my certificate arrived I remembered how good this workshop was. I want to thank you, once again, for your kindness and for the pedagogical way in which you conducted the workshop. The knowledge acquired will be put into practice in my courses. One of them will be offered for the DINTER in Acre next week.

Cassia Maria Buchalla
Epidemiology - School of Public Health - USP

Dear Publicase Team, Thank you very much for your services! I was very satisfied with the whole process and final result. I always make new contacts and, when needed, I refer Publicase's high quality services.

Maria Angélica Regalla
Translation and Editing services

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the workshop. It was worthwhile.

João Guedes da Franca
Carlos Chagas Filho Biophysics Institute - UFRJ

I wanted to let you know that the papers I worked on at Publicase's workshop were a hit! The one on DGAT1 was featured on the NCBI page of the bovine DGAT1 gene. The other one, describing the syndrome of microdeletion 22q11.2 between LCR4-LCR5 earned us an invitation to contribute to Possum, the main database of Clinical Genetics. So, thank you very much!

Maria Raquel Carvalho

"Regarding the complement, please know that I usually praise when I really like the result: and believe me, it was very good. I am a fan of Publicase. Whenever I can, I spread the word about your work. I can see the expertise and care you take with your translations and proofreading. And this can only mean one thing: you love what you do. It's what I keep trying to get into my students' heads: if you don't do it with passion, it will be too heavy and you won't be able to carry it."

Mônica Sarolli
Translation and Editing services