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Hands-on Workshop: Crafting the Narrative of your Scientific Paper


In this hands-on workshop participants  learn the Publicase Method, a straightforward method that will help them write their scientific paper fast and efficiently. They will also have one-on-one meetings once a week with the instructor to discuss and review, sentence by sentence, figure by figure, each section of their papers. This is a 5-week workshop that will turn your group into prolific writers of scientific papers. 

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What people have to say about this workshop?


"Just wanted to express how amazing was your class! I am really looking forward to start adapting the tips you shared." Postdoc fellow at Harvard Medical School, United States

"For the first time, the gigantic task of writing a paper didn't seem so big - the way you break it down made things simpler and each step achievable. I know my questions, why I did it, the gap in the literature I am addressing, the main contribution to the field, the limitations of the study and the answers to all other questions you presented. Realizing this gave me more confidence to write my first paper."  Graduate student at the Department of Biological Sciences, at Brock University in Canada

"I found this workshop very helpful. Having no previous experience on writing a paper, I found the building blocks strategy a very useful method to write a manuscript from scratch. Now I have a more clear idea of what needs to be written in each section of a paper and how to express it in a clear and straightforward way. Also, I have learned a lot from the one-to-one meetings with the instructor since her tips have significantly improved the final paper...I would strongly recommend this workshop to any scientist that wishes to improve their scientific writing skills." Graduate student at Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute - IDIBELL, Barcelona, Spain.

"This course is a one-of-a-kind and a must for all researchers!" Senior scientist at University of São Paulo, Brazil.


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