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From your Thesis to your Paper

If you need to extract parts of your thesis to produce a scientific paper, we can help. We will read your thesis and extract all the necessary information to build a scientific paper with a coherent narrative.  See below how it works.


We also check

  • If all scientific information is followed by references (when a reference is required)
  • If all figures are cited
  • Language and grammar 
  • Style and consistency
  • The order of figures to make sure they agree with the order they are cited in the text


When necessary, we

  • Suggest a new title
  • Suggest a new abstract
  • Suggest a new structure for your article 
  • Raise questions and present issues we detected for you to consider


We do NOT

  • Provide statistical analysis and data analysis in general
  • Produce any new content. Your paper will be produced using the text already available in your thesis. When necessary, we will edit your text.
  • Verify species names and taxonomic-related categories
  • Format the references 
  • Format the manuscript
  • Verify scientific information presented by the authors
  • Create graphs, tables, or any other figure
  • Perform fact checking 
  • Produce the cover letter
  • Provide assistance in choosing the journal
  • Provide assistance in submitting the article
  • Provide assistance in responding to reviewers


Please note

Article acceptance for publication in a journal depends on many factors, including the project design, methodology, scientific analysis and findings. Therefore, Publicase International cannot guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication by a journal. 
The service offered here does not include any participation of Publicase International in the submission stage.The service offered here does not include any participation by Publicase International in the post-submission stages, such as interaction with reviewers or editors, participation in the peer review process or even production of a new version of the article for resubmission.


We charge a flat fee for this service, for thesis up to 80.000 words (references not inlcuded).The price of this services is 2.500Є (VAT included).

If interested in hiring this service, please complete the form below.

If hiring this service in Brazil, please click HERE.