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From your Thesis to your Paper

If you need to extract parts of your thesis to produce a scientific paper, we can help. We will read your thesis and extract all the necessary information to build a scientific paper with a coherent narrative.  See below how it works.


We also check

  • If all scientific information is followed by references (when a reference is required)
  • If all figures are cited
  • Language and grammar 
  • Style and consistency
  • The order of figures to make sure they agree with the order they are cited in the text


When necessary, we

  • Suggest a new title
  • Suggest a new abstract
  • Suggest a new structure for your article 
  • Raise questions and present issues we detected for you to consider


We do NOT

  • Provide statistical analysis and data analysis in general
  • Produce any new content. Your paper will be produced using the text already available in your thesis. When necessary, we will edit your text.
  • Verify species names and taxonomic-related categories
  • Format the references 
  • Format the manuscript
  • Verify scientific information presented by the authors
  • Create graphs, tables, or any other figure
  • Perform fact checking 
  • Produce the cover letter
  • Provide assistance in choosing the journal
  • Provide assistance in submitting the article
  • Provide assistance in responding to reviewers


Please note

Article acceptance for publication in a journal depends on many factors, including the project design, methodology, scientific analysis and findings. Therefore, Publicase International cannot guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication by a journal. 
The service offered here does not include any participation of Publicase International in the submission stage.The service offered here does not include any participation by Publicase International in the post-submission stages, such as interaction with reviewers or editors, participation in the peer review process or even production of a new version of the article for resubmission.


We charge a flat fee for this service, for thesis up to 80.000 words (references not inlcuded). The cost of this services is 1.200 Є (VAT included).

If interested in hiring this service, please complete the form below.

If hiring this service in Brazil, please click HERE.