The Strategic Editing service is a comprehensive paper edit that also includes an evaluation of your paper’s structure, presentation , the flow of the text and the narrative. All papers are edited by at least two highly experienced editors. Your paper will undergo three rounds of editing, giving you the chance to make adjustments and corrections. You can also add text with no charge if it does not surpass 10% more of the original text sent to us. Later additions of figures or tables may result in additional charges.

If you prefer to hire our services in Brazil, please click HERE (page in Portuguese).

We also check:

  • If all scientific information is followed by references (when a reference is required)
  • If all figures are cited
  • Language and grammar 
  • Style and consistency
  • The order of figures to make sure they agree with the order they are cited in the text


When necessary, we:

  • Suggest a new title
  • Suggest a new abstract
  • Suggest a new structure for your article 
  • Raise questions and present issues we detected for you to consider


We do NOT: 

  • Provide statistical analysis and data analysis in general
  • Verify species names and taxonomic-related categories
  • Format the references 
  • Format the manuscript
  • Verify scientific information presented by the authors


Payment: We will send you an invoice after the first round of editing. You will have the choice of paying us using Paypal or wire/bank transfer.

NOTE: We only work with research papers in the biological, biomedical, and health-related fields and that we do not work with papers in other areas or materials other than research papers.

We do not edit or translate documents or websites. We may accept to work on your book chapter or grant proposal, but for these, please get in touch with us.